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To be in top 10 companies of India providing Healthcare and publishing BPO solutions


To offer broad range of services & solutions to Healthcare and Publishing customers spread across that yields tangible results, improved cash flow, transparency, operational efficiency, and enhanced competitiveness with good corporate governance

We're Stable

Founded in the year 2006, on March 3rd by V.N.Subramaniam, B2K provides comprehensive medical transcription solutions to healthcare providers including hospitals, physician groups and specialty clinics. The high degree of oversight and dedication to professionalism has made B2K a trustworthy partner in the medical practice management and documentation process.

We derive our strength from combining the expertise of experienced, well trained, responsible, and dedicated medical language specialists. We invite you to explore our site and then contact us. If you’re looking for transcription services, we’re confident you’ve found exactly what you’re looking for.


Realizing the need of our customers we work only seven days a week. We have a highly educated workforce to provide faster turnaround and better quality service. In addition, special project employees, for tough jobs are on call and can add as much as lines to the demand.High accuracy and flexible turn-around-times including web based document flow management software and technical support with 365 days coverage options.

This depth of labor resource allows for quick and effective handling of orders, including heavy inputs in seasons. All medical transcription companies are not created equal; let’s experience the difference in B2K .


B2K has ample systems, which are supported by UPS and highly specialized Zet powers even in current-cut-shorts, which support the output. Our system management team will be on the second they needed if situation commands.. Doctors throughout the world enjoy the benefits of our personal, cost effective and quality orientated medical processing.

B2K Selectivity

Because of the ever-growing at-home opportunities and the ability to earn a great paycheck, the medical transcription profession has become a focus of great interest. Undergraduate in any discipline with flair of English are the basic eligibility for training and employment.

Our students are given training to the files and the accent through live orientation in our production clinic, which help the students mould themselves in unfamiliar subjects. With people of all ages attending the center is a proof that it is never too early or too late to advance your quality of life.

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