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Medical Transcription is the process whereby voice dictation is converted to a typewritten (hard copy or electronic) format.1
Yes, we have executed technical as well as administrative measures in order to safeguard the privacy and personal health information about the patients.
If you wish to use toll free dial-in systems, your dictations become accessible to our transcriptionists the moment you hang up the line. You can also upload the dictations into our secured FTP servers, through the use of handheld recorders for dictation.
While you send your dictations from your computer to our secured servers or when your dictations are downloaded by our administrators from our US dial-in servers or FTP servers, 448-bit strong encryption of data is performed.
Yes, our secure servers are built with fault tolerance- mirrored drives. In case of any failures a redundant system is available. A backup system is also ready offsite in case primary system fails.
Our fees are usually based on characters per line. We charge by the line and calculate one line as consisting of 65 characters including all keystrokes.
Yes, all of our transcriptionists and other staffs sign non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements before they start working with us, which will be effect two years post their disassociation from our company.
We have three levels of word-by-word quality check performed by our senior editors and proof readers. The transcribed documents are checked for any spelling errors, omissions, formatting, etc., before they are uploaded.
No, all your transcription is processed by our own employees in our office and hence we have better security and control over patient information.
We usually delete voice files every eight weeks and the transcripts every six months, although it is left to the clients to decide how long we should archive their dictations and transcribed reports.

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